Colombia is in on northwest corner of the southern cone as a link between the countries located on the north and south of the hemisphere. It has wide coasts over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Buga is located west in the Valle del Cauca department of Colombia.
Buga is an articulation node to the three most important traffic systems in Colombia’s southwest, the road corridor Bogotá – Buenaventura, the road Buga – Eje Cafetero – north / center to the country and the road Buga – Cali – south to the country.
This strategic location is reinforced by the excellent conditions of the national roads, the availability of a railroad, the connection with the Pacific port and the closeness to the international airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragón, all this facilitates the integration of the sub region with the rest of the country and the world.

  • Foundation date: March 4th 1570.
  • Location: 3°54´13´´N – 76°17´56´´O.
  • Total city’s area: 873 km2.
  • Total population: 115.809. (DANE).
  • Average temperature: 23°C.
  • Relative humidity: between 70 and 85%.
  • Urban zone extension: 987 has.
  • Precipitation: 1.200 mm


Colombia is a democratic Republic, with a privileged and strategic place in Latin America. It has abundant natural resources. It is currently one of the main destinations for investors in the region; in a large measure due to the great commercial opportunities it offers, and its legal stability. Colombia was named by the World Bank as the country with the greatest progress in Latin America; thus providing an ideal environment to do business in it.

The growth of the GDP in Colombia has been significantly higher than the world average in the last decade. In recent years, the country has been known by its economic stability and by being able to control its inflation in an appropriate manner. Recently, the main risk rating agencies have assigned to Colombia the best indexes of trust.

Valle del Cauca

Valle del Cauca is located at the Southwest of Colombia upon the Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Cali, the third most important city in the country. It has a population of 4,7 million comparable with countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Ireland and New Zealand. Its GDP in 2015 was USD$27 Million, higher than some Latin American countries such as Paraguay, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Valle del Cauca is a dynamic and diverse region with a GDP growth at 3,7% (2015), growing to an even higher rate than Colombia, Peru, Chile and Latin America. Furthermore, it has the main port of Colombia on the Pacific Ocean, Buenaventura, through which 53% of the country’s cargo moves and having a connection with more than 199 ports in the world.

Guadalajara de Buga

  • The center zone of Valle del Cauca provides 16% of the PIB distributed in the influence areas of Buga and Tulua. The PIB Of Valle department was $58,6 billion COP, representing 9,4% of Colombia PIB and 12% of national manufacture PIB.
  • The industry, the agriculture, real estate activities and the company services provide 48,3% of PIB center-south PIB.
  • With the presence of industrial sector well developed established in the city since the middle of the last century, this has generated an important percentage of direct and indirect employment in the region.
  • Buga is betting to the region construction and to the sub region territorial integration in the center of Valle del Cauca. The common purpose is to form a strong integrated territory within the international per capita competence, technology and markets, within a sub region space unified and highly interdependent.

Other advantages

  • The National Logistic Policy Conpes 3547 of 2008, identified Buga as one of the 22 key nodes to transfer load and as one of the logistic platforms of Valle del Cauca with Buenaventura and Yumbo to facilitate the efficient management of distribution.
  • In Buga there are the main concentrated foods for animals companies and the most important companies of poultry production, chicken, eggs, incubator eggs and any other that belong to the poultry chain.
  • Buga is a city coated with four centuries, a huge historical weight that has taken the city to be one of the greatest exposer of patrimony character. Its historical downtown is national monument, it is represented by colonial and republican constructions, riches that included Buga in the patrimony touristic towns touristic net by the commerce ministry of industry and tourism.


Buga’s strategic location and the availability of a double way net highways allows it to connect with the airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragón (40 minutes), the industrial zone in the north of Cauca (90 minutes) and consume centers as Cali city (50 minutes), and the region Coffee triangle (90 minutes).
Currently is taking place the construction of the double way highway Buga – Buenaventura this will permit to diminish time to get there to two hours reducing the cost of transport.
The geographic location, the weather conditions, the infrastructure of connectivity, the articulation of different means of transportation, the offering of company and financial services in the region plus the easy access to the markets make Buga an excellent alternative to companies set up.

Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport

Double road Buga - Buenaventura

Port Society of Buenaventura

Container terminal of Buenaventura

Rail system

Double roadways Buga

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Logistic facilitator services

The offering of financial and company services in the region and the easy access to the markets makes Buga an excellent alternative for setting up companies with special management requirements, transport and merchandise distribution.
This is reflected in the number of facilitator companies in logistic activities (storing and transportation) present in the south center region in the Valle del Cauca especially in Guadalajara de Buga that possesses approximately 77% of them.

Transport companies with +assets in Buga

  • Transporte Nacional Terrestre Ltda.
  • Inversiones Soto Vergara S.A.S.
  • Henao Arango Jorge Luis - Inversiones Anita
  • Transportamos Carga Ltda. - Transcar Ltda.
  • Mega Alfa Transportes S.A.S.
  • Inversiones Silva Duque S.A.S.
  • Transportes Ricob Ltda.
  • Cooperativa Santandereana de Transportadores Ltda. Copetran
  • Transportadora de Valores Atlas Ltda.
  • Transgraneles S.A.S.

Commercial banks

The financial service offer in Guadalajara de Buga, is composed by the main commercial banks in the country, constituted as agencies and foreign branches with wide ATMs net, online banking, special services to companies and correspondent bank.

  • BBVA Bank
  • Bancolombia
  • Agrario Bank
  • Popular Bank
  • Coomeva Bank
  • Occidente Bank
  • Compartir Bank
  • AV Villas Bank
  • Bank Colpatria Multibanca
  • Bank Mundo Mujer Buga
  • Bank de las Microfinanzas - Bancamia
  • Bank WWB (Oficinas Centro y Buga Plaza)
  • Bank Caja Social (Oficinas Carrera 13 y Carrera 15)
  • Bank Davivienda (Oficinas Centro y Buga Plaza)
  • Bank de Bogotá (Oficinas Centro y Buga Plaza)

Job Boards

Job boards or management and employment placing offer basic services for free to place for those who offer and for petitioners. Services offered are:

  • Employment record in the virtual platform www.serviciodeempleo.gov.co
  • Vacancies and employers record.
  • Orientation to employment hunters, professional in psychologist specialized in attention centers by the use of instruments like orientation and workshops.
  • Orientation to employers for specialized professional and effective workers hunter services are: Browsers, work profiles construction, among other necessities.
  • Pre-selection by registered vacancy analisis by the employers with the employment hunters profile.
  • Reference to the companies of pre-selected candidate profiles.

Staff Intermediation

Companies that exercise temporary employment agency activities and human resoruce supply, according to the necessities of the requestor companies.

  1. Summar Temporales S.A.S.
  2. Ocupar Temporales S.A.
  3. Acción S.A.
  4. Proservis Empresa de Servicios Temporales SAS.
  5. E.S.T. Misión Empresarial Temporal S.A.S.
  6. Emprender Servicios Temporales SAS. EMPSERT
  7. Talento Humano Empresa de Servicios Temporales S.A.S.
  8. Somos Suministros Temporal SA
  9. AAA - Gente Proactiva Ltda
  10. Pensionarte S.A.S.
  11. Alternativa Temporal S.A.S.
  12. Group Industrial Guadalajara L.A S.A.S.
  13. Desarrollo Logístico Empresarial LYC S.A.S

Superior to your needs

The city of Buga has been pioneer in the implementation of only scholar journey in the model of educational institutions, presence of superior education among: Unversidad del Valle, Universidad del Quindio; and Corporacion Universitaria Remington and the Institucion Universitaria ITA of municipal character. Besides there is Centro Agropecuario de Buga-CAB SENA.

Universidad del valle

The Universidad del Valle is an institution of regional cover through a regional decentralized university system. It counts with 1.400 students in education programs of teaching degree in: Music, Literature, History, Psychology, Business Administration, Public Accounting, Industrial Engineering. Technologies in: Electronic, Systems and Touristic Business Administration.


Offers superior education service and support to the development of companies and communities, the educational services given to 2.723 students in on-site programs and distance programs like:
Specializations in: educative management and projects, master in education, children pedagogy teaching, psychologist, and occupational health administration. Technologies in: Business and marketing, logistic, cost and audit.

Presional ITA

The academic programs give the opportunity to 670 students, it counts with technique professional in: Operations in coexporting and importing, international commerce operation, energetic mining planning operation, operation, energetic mining sampling equipment operation and technologist in goods supply and energetic mining services.

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA

El Centro Agropecuario de Buga - CAB del Sena started operation on November 04th 1967. Attends the Valle center influence zone, with formation programs addressed to companies and professional formation action for rural population.
The programs of technical and technological formation of SENA mix the dual education, which is one part corresponds the formative moment at CAB and the other to the practice and productive part in a company.
The education offer at CAB is extended to 4.850 students in 35 formation programs mainly with farm industry, agriculture, commerce and services.
Additionally its processes of evaluation and labor competences certificates for people with more than an empirical year experience in any labor activity.

Other Institutions

Companies term in the city

The company knitting of Guadalajara de Buga and the neighbor town is solid and fostered by commerce sectors, service and manufacture industry. Likewise, the term of companies in the territory is very important since they are an indicator that the city is trust generator to the investor, offering a dynamic environment in growing and steady.

With the expedition of the decree 410 of 1971 – Commerce code that began to rule on January 1st in 1972 the commercial record is born, since that date Guadalajara de Buga have set up important companies that continue operating to nowadays in the city, that’s the case of Almaviva (storing and warehousing company with national presence) which is still in force in the enterprise environment.

Currently exist 66 companies which merchandising record date more than 35 years term. This number of companies registered have been increasing and the number registered in other neighbor cities as well.

However, there are companies that started before the commerce code (1972) which support their existence by public scripture such are the cases of Cecilia Payan – Dulces del Valle, Solla, Grasas, and others.

The biggest 10 BUGA (Medium and Large Company)
  • 90 años - Cecilia Payan S.A. - Dulces del Valle
  • 66 años - Solla S.A.
  • 64 años - Grasas S.A.
  • 63 años - Finca S.A.S.
  • 62 años - Hotel de Turismo Guadalajara S.A.
  • 52 años - Conlavidrios (Cristar)
  • 51 años - Almacenes Generales de Depósito de Café S.A. - Almacafé
  • 44 años - Organización Comercial Hermanos Ochoa S.A.
  • 44 años - Almacén Ley
  • 43 años - Álvaro González Recio & Cía. S. en C. - Exportagro

Fuente: Registered companies at Cámara de Comercio de Buga from 1972 to 2016

Attention to the Enterpreneur

The Entrepreneur Attention Center – CAE is a platform service at public’s sector disposition for the creation and constitution of companies. In just one day, in just a lapse, at just one place, in just one contact.
The CAE works at the Cámara de Comercio branch in Buga and allows to centralize and to reduce to an only procedure the company constitution and formalization in the jurisdiction area.

On-line services
  • Register and renew in line.
  • Certificates by internet.
  • Register acts and documents.
  • RUES-Unique company and social registration.
  • Procedures state consult.
  • Self-pay off.
  • RUP/Proponents only register.
  • Homonymy Consult.
  • Goods and services classification for proponents.
  • Books’ register in electronic means,
  • Request notification.
  • RNT-National register of tourism.
  • National portal of company creation.
  • Compete 360
CAE Services

  • Give information an orientation to the entrepreneur in papework, processes and requirements for creation and formalization.
  • Specialized legal counsel.
  • Free and permanent self-consult terminals.
  • An only window to receive papers, to verify papers and to pay off rights.

Procedures and Virtual services
  • Availability 7x24 during the whole year for users.
  • Possibility to carry out procedures from anywhere.
  • Follow up to procedures through internet.
  • Legal security of the operation thanks to the verifying system of users’ identity and the implementation of electronic payment platforms.
Other services at Cámara de Comercio de Buga
  • Conciliation and refereeing
  • Company strengthening
  • Company formalization
  • Projects structuration
  • Economic studies
  • Data base

Tributary Stimulus

The investors in industrial, commercial and service activities are able to get tributary stimulus in the industry and commerce tax which is in rule by municipal agreements.

Stimulus to foreign investment in Colombia

The national government has fixed a series of stimulus to national and foreigner investors, among them:

  • Stimulus for I+D
    • Deduction over the rent tax equivalent to 175% of total invested in technological I+D, this can’t exceeder 40% of liquid rent.
    • IVA extension to the importing of equipment used in I+D centers recognized by Colciencias.
    • The resources obtained to finance scientific project, or technological or innovation incomes are exempt of rent tax.
    • Protection to industrial property fitted to international standards.
    • Benefits to import equipment: The equipment and elements imported by de I+D centers recognized by Colciencias will be tax exempt.
  • Other fiscal stimulus to import goods, capital or spare tools and services.
  • Stimulus to formalize and generate employment: Stimulus 40.000 new level employments of education achieved by the young associated to the vacancy subsidy given by the company.
  • Discount in tax over the rent and complementary of parafiscal contributions and other contributions of hiring to new employments (it doesn’t include employment generated by fusion or replacements)
  • Stimulus to invest and juridical security for investor:
    • Agreement network of investment protection and agreement to avoid double taxation with main commercial partners.
    • Deduction in tax over rent of 175% of investments in research project and technological development.
    • Tax extension to the rent in several sectors.

Related entities

Visión of Development

The long term planning in Buga’s municipality defines a future vision, establishes some strategic development purposes and identifies some productive bets with the local’s government participation, business associations, and ecclesiastic authorities, representatives from universities, ecologic organizations, social organizations and communities’ organizations.

Buga renews its development bets in favor of getting consolidated as a node that reinforces its centrality in the region and in an opportunity territory to live with life quality, to invest and to develop innovative businesses, to visit and to know, all of this presenting quality tourism offers, empowering the religious tourism, promoting cultural activities and rural amusement and sport events.

Long Term Vision

In 2027 Buga will be known as a life and living space, attractive, polite, educated, competitive and of great opportunities, after reaching the best life quality rates in Valle del Cauca thanks to poverty reduction, the implementation of an sustainable and including environmental development model, the consolidation of a favorable environment for company development to add value and a strong institutionalism that works for the general benefit and guarantees the efficiency and effectiveness of public policies.

Development bets
  • Buga as articular center of touristic routes in Valle del Cauca.
  • Buga as company innovation and international trade center.
  • Buga as ecologic farmland and industrial farm transformation center.
  • Buga as university and cultural city.

These bets take advantage of the existent potential, incorporates differentiation elements, innovation and regional positioning considering the current reality and the future trends of regional development in a global context.

Buga’s Advantages as a City

  • Buga has a role of logistic node development, Metropolitan touristic circle, besides it has important poultry, farm and industrial development, factors that make it become attractive for investment.
  • It is institutional service provider, justice, college education, health and ecclesiastic services provider with an influence area of 7 towns from the center of Valle covering a population of 300 thousand inhabitants approximately.
  • It is the only city without being a capital with its own superior justice court with, it also has a net of judicial services that are being expanded and strengthened. In addition it counts with an artillery army – Batalla Palacé and the Diócesis de Buga and National tourism District Police.
  • It counts with a public hospital level lI, private clinics and the Hospital San José foundation, the most important hospital of reference in the center of Valle del Cauca with services level 3 and 4 where patients from the north, Buenaventura and other towns of the jurisdiction are attended.
  • Buga offers one of the highest standards of life quality in the region according to Planning National Department – DNP and the DANE, and the National Program for Development – PNUD.
  • It has been pioneer in the implementation of only journey schedule in the model of Educational institutions. It has presence of superior education institutions such as Universidad del Valle, Universidad Antonio Nariño, Universidad del Quindío, Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios and Corporación Universitaria Remington, and with ITA Municipal University. In addition there is the Farming Center Buga – CAB SENA.
  • The hinterland covers the center zone–south of Valle del Cauca department formed by towns that cover an extension of 3.535 kms2 and a population of 293.000 inhabitants approximately.

Competitive Advantages

  • Its preferential location on the road, the distance to the airport, the possibility to connect with the railroad and its proximity to Cali are conditions that place it as a fundamental pillar in the logistic map of Colombia.
  • It counts with great experience from the operator and the human resource in logistic activities of loose load management, physical mixing, bulk packing to Buga and an important development of storing and transportation service.
  • Buga is a receptor nucleus of peregrines and tourists due to its condition of sanctuary city, its historical downtown with monuments that are considered goods of cultural interest, the closeness to the international airport of Palmira, excellent road connectivity among others, makes it perhaps the best touristic destiny in Valle del Cauca.
  • Buga has taxes stimulus to promote the arriving of new companies, the economic development and employment generation; likewise offers taxes stimulus to companies that are already located in the city and that generate additional employment.
  • In Buga company is created in just one location. Through the company attention center contact, in one day for natural person and maximum two for legal person.

Strategic Projects

The strategic projects agenda includes projects of public and private initiative.

Productivity improvement projects
  • Rural nodes system development implementation.
  • Productive tourism chain Strengthening.
  • Productive logistic chain Strengthening.
  • Convention Center.
Touristic equipment project
  • Special plan management and historical area protection execution–PEMP.
  • Finishing the Lord of the Miracles Boulevard.
  • Cultural node consolidation Municipal Buga Theater.
  • Art and culture center construction.
Equipment and public space Project
  • 1south Street construction continuation.
  • Urban and landscape Reorganization of Guadalajara’s river.
  • Architectural and functional restoration of Galeria Central.
Projects in the institutional area
  • Superior Justice Court branch expansion.
  • Commands and control of national police construction.
  • Remodeling the public educational model.
  • Provisioning and construction of education institutions.
Environment, potable water and basic cleanup Project
  • Organization and management plan execution for Guadalajara’s river watershed.
  • Residual and treatment water plant construction.
  • Recovering Sonso’s lagoon.
  • Regional Natural El Vinculo park strengthening.
  • Environmental conservation, social and economy development in the protector border of Guadalajara’s river.
Regional connectivity project
  • Railroad construction Buga – Loboguerrero.
  • Central mountain range crossing construction-country’s center
  • High Way Buga – Mediacanoa.

Touristic Offer

Buga city is considered as one of the main touristic destinies in Colombia. The sanctuary “Señor de Los Milagros” attracts about three million visitors in a year to participate in the religious activities, to know the religious art and historical and cultural patrimony. This strength meant this city to be included in the touristic net of patrimony towns that included only 17 places in Colombia.

This touristic positioning joined to its location, communication roads, hotel capacity and organization level have allowed Buga to get consolidated as articulator center of the touristic routes to the region. From Buga is possible to get trips arranged to know and to enjoy attractive areas, activities and services in the department of Valle del Cauca. The touristic offer is wide and varied to cover.

  • Churches routes.
  • Get around Buga “Buga una espiral de tiempo”.
  • Historical monuments visit.
  • Amusement park entrance.
  • Artistic and cultural events agenda.
  • Green destiny village of Alaska.
  • Paradise destiny.
  • Calima lake route.
  • Gastronomy route in Ginebra.

Revivification of the Historical Center

In Guadalajara de Buga you don’t go along a timeline, you don’t go from past to present… Here you immerse yourself in time, you live all times at once… Buga is a time hairspring.
Each building reminds some time and in the next corner, two blocks ahead is some other time.
These buildings in the historical center have spirit and blow to the ears uncountable great feats, and on the corners there are conquer shadows, and the colony in the shapes of houses that hosted the first settlers. In Buga there is a past that is shared that breaths and joins the present.
The proposal pretends to contribute to the improvement of visitors experience, tourists and peregrines with the setup of a circuit (Buga una espiral de tiempo) for the knowledge and enjoyment of cultural expression in the environment of the historical center of Guadalajara de Buga.

Circuit Features
  • Creative, allows to be transformed according to the users.
  • Articulated to the documented and testimonial history.
  • Promoted by ludic education action with a heavy pedagogic load.
  • Assertive language.
  • Communicative interaction with surroundings.
Urban places to stay offer
  • 66 establishments to stay hotel type.
  • 1.126 rooms.
  • 3.512 occupations

Interesting places to Visit

El Cerrito
San Pedro
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Circulo Metropolitano De Turismo Del Centro Del Valle

The Círculo Metropolitano de Turismo is a way to integrate towns that tend to improve the provision of a service by cooperation or association (Art. 109, Law 300 of 1996).
The center of Valle is a touristic destiny that articulates attractions and products for 8 towns: Calima – El Darién, El Cerrito, Guacarí, Guadalajara de Buga, Ginebra, Restrepo, San Pedro and Yotoco.

The participative and teamwork developed between lines:

  • Touristic and regional planning by the development of municipal touristic plans and the strengthening of tourism consulting councils.
  • Touristic articulated products design.
  • Tourism Statistic centers creation and investigation groups.

Currently they are designed and they are operating in seven routes: Farms, winds, Green, Artistic, Spiritual destiny, Gastronomy, and Cultural archeology.

Green Destiny

Comprises amusement and relaxation offers in the village of Alaska in the mountainous zone of Guadalajara de Buga. It is part of the rural touristic development project «Paradise destiny», which comprises the north zone in Valle del Cauca.

Cultural Agenda

In Buga are permanently carried out diverse cultural events with a permanent program of activities for art and universal culture divulgation directed to all type of audience, having as the main scenario Municipal theater in Buga, the squares and small squares in the historical center of the city. Comprises music concerts in all their expression, including classic, rock, jazz, religious, Christmas and Colombian folk and from other nations as well, besides plays, poetry meetings, modern dance, painting exhibits, they are organized including formative activities in open workshops for different types of audiences.

Other events and activities
  • Holly week.
  • Religious music encounter in Holly week.
  • National and international Chamber Music festival.
  • Farming Exposition.
  • Rock Mamut festival Fest Buga.
  • International choral week.
  • Story and legend tellers encounter.
  • National and international events.

Sucessful Experiences

The presence of important companies in the region show the validity.

Alianza Team – Grasas S.A

Grasas S.A., founded in Buga in 1952 makes part of AlianzaTeam. It is focused in oil production to cook based on sunflower, soy and colza. In 2012 the system of protein content flour production was modernized technologically and labors of adequacy to the building were done, this optimized the areas of blowing and bottling. With this it achieved a production capacity of more than 10.000 tons of refined oil in the year.

Thermal Ceramics de Colombia S.A

Constituted in 1994 as high technology products producer and distributor in isolation and fireproof world class, offering thermic solutions according to the current needs in Colombian industry and neighbor countries.

Grupo Nutresa – Molino Santa Marta S.A

With an investment close to $28.000 million pesos modernized the mill’s plant Santa Marta S.A.S. in 2010, extending its production and storing capacity strengthening the cookies business of the Grupo Nacional de Chocolates.

Other companies growing in Guadalajara de Buga